Prosper automatic diverter 200m-srpe99k1
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Prosper automatic diverter 200m-srpe99k1

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PADI Special Edition


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Seiko prosex PADI automatic Diver Watch with stainless steel case. In order to celebrate the partnership with the association of Professional Diving Coaches, Seiko launched the prosper PADI special edition this year. The prosper PADI special edition of this model is used with 4R36 automatic caliper, which is a reprint of Seiko Pepsi 6309 in the 1970s. 45 mm diameter stainless steel enclosure of the same shape. It has a bright blue dial with PADI logo on it, and a one-way rotating stainless steel baffle with blue and red carbon titanium coating, reminiscent of the color of PADI.


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  • model: Men's watch prosex special edition PADI ~ automatic diver
  • Movement: automatic
  • Water resistance: Diver 200m (professional diving)
  • Baffle: Stainless steel, carbon titanium coating
  • Glass: Cemented carbide (tempered mineral glass)
  • Indexes: gabbro
  • syringe needle: gabbro


  • Box: stainless steel
  • Open carton: 45 mm
  • Bracelet: stainless steel
  • Ring / snap: Bootstrap with button


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Type 4R36


3-pin, date, date, can be reassembled manually

emergency power supply:

Full load for 41 hours




-35 / + 45 seconds / day


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