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      218 products

      Seiko's story starts in 1881 when a young 22-year-old businessman, Kintaro Hattori opens his watchmaking workshop in Tokyo. It was determined to become the pioneer of the watch industry and put a point of honor to what "Seiko still has a step ahead of others". 11 years later, in 1892, he founded the Manufacture "Seikosha" and manufactures his first clock and in 1895 his first watch. Seiko has never sold his leading place in technological innovation, the true secret of his success.

      With this beautiful expertise, Seiko has created synergies between the different technologies that have resulted in great innovations. Seiko is currently a real "factory" manufacturing its own components, from the integrated circuit to the spiral spring, and it is the only factory mastering four watch technologies: mechanical, quartz, Kinetic and Spring Drive. Today, after 132 years of innovation, the watchmaking manufacture remains true to the commitment of its founder: the quest for perfection.

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