G-shock watches

      129 products

      129 products

      The G-Shock watch has been developed at a time when watches were still considered fragile instruments. It all started with a young Casio engineer who dreamed of "designing an unbreakable watch, even if it is dropped."

      After having already done a sensation by launching the first digital wristwatch in 1974, Casio has strongly influenced the watchmaking market in the 1980s by developing the G-shock wristwatch famous for being almost indestructible. The first G-Shock watch, the DW5000, was put on the market in 1983. An unparalleled success has followed, the G-Shock models, which combine the character with elegance, became the favorite models of Urban youth.

      Shock-resistant G-Shock watches have quickly become synonymous with robustness, innovation and multifunctionality. Finally there was no need to remove his wristwatch for skateboarding or BMX. Falls and shots, no problem for the G-Shock watch! On a daily basis, during sports activities or in the most extreme climatic conditions, the watches of the G-Shock range are for almost 35 years of genuine bars on which we can count in any situation. Today, the G-Shock watch has gained the privilege of being carried by men who accept no limit.
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