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The Vogtime vision

Of all the senses sought by our profession, the gaze is probably the most essential. The eyes roam a window, stop on an object, admire the lines, the contours, the colors to finally arouse the desire. But the eye is also a source of innovative ideas.

This is what I understood when, coming into this profession, more than thirty years ago, I discovered, amazed, the nobility of his creative approach. Having received the education necessary for a perfect understanding of each product, my youth led me to take a fresh look at the market. I then made the observation of two worlds coexisting in this universe: the small craftsmen, on the one hand, who, at the bottom of their shop, managed with love their knowledge to do; the great watchmakers, on the other hand, installed on the great avenues to expose their works to a targeted clientele according to a selective approach. However, the phenomenon of trade marks was a challenge to all sectors of the fashion industry and gave as many as possible the possibility of possession of siglés. My interest then focused on this phenomenon of the democratization of luxury. As a business leader, I have placed my eye on a business dynamic that is confined to the strategic vision.

The issue was clear: between the two large families of professionals, it was possible, and even necessary, to create a space of distribution respectful of traditional values, and heir to the creative contribution of the great watchmakers, but open to a wider and diversified clientele to offer them signed, splendid and reliable objects.

It was from this vision that the VOGTIME concept was born. The shop whose layout, materials, colours, lights have been studied to offer consumers the widest choice of creations on an elegant and user-friendly mode. A look at the present and the future, a vision of the market.

OUR VALUES : An authentic culture of hospitality, a desire to remain accessible, open and attentive to each client. A constant availability, a constant attention to detail. The pleasure of sharing and transmitting our love and passion for luxury. A true respect for the factories and their traditions, a real humility in the face of the creations. A relationship built on trust and discretion, registered over time.

Today, VOGTIME pursues its development on the Internet according to the same criteria that have been successful for more than 13 years on Cannes, with always an idea in mind: an online purchase must be an experience as simple and enjoyable as a shop purchase. A vision shared by my colleagues but also by those who have trusted us. And our customers prove every day that the horizon on which our eyes are set carries promises.

Sylvain & Pascale Chemouny

Founders & Presidents

My team and I are very happy to welcome you to our online store.

Fanny VOGTIME Cannes


Sylvain VOGTIME Cannes


Pascale VOGTIME Cannes


If you go to Cannes, do not hesitate to come and see us at the shop located at 122 Rue d' Antibes. We are open from 10:00 to 19:00 Monday to Saturday.

We are also at your disposal to answer your questions by phone on +33 4 93 68 28 81 or