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Our watchmaking workshop, located in Cannes our store offers a range of services to maintain and repair your watches, all made by our Certified master watchmaker.

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Most major brands watch recommend a complete revision every 5 to 7 years (or following an extended shutdown) as watch models they manufacture.

At the house of VogittimeOur watch workshop and our master watchmaker are approved by our brands to ensure the maintenance and servicing of your watch: you can entrust us by coming to the store or we sending it by carrier or fold secure Post .

We know work in emergency, but for quality service, according to the watch models and protocols to be followed according to the instructions of each watch brand, an observation time of 6 to 10 days may be necessary in the workshop .

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The revision of a watch is in its dismantling, cleaning (bit by bit) and the control of each component, the replacement of worn moving components, reassembly, lubrication, adjustment and setting (for quartz models , the exchange of the battery), cooling of the housing and the bracelet (if metal), the change of all the joints, and the leak test.

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It is very rare that we can not do the work ourselves and that we should then reship a watch in the workshops of the mark (usually based in Switzerland) for several weeks: our workshop has on-site all the necessary equipment recommended by the brands (and more).

Consult us with suggestions the model of your watch and its serial number: we always inform before deadlines and the budget required for its management.

Our quotes are free.

Have your watch

To ensure perfect functioning of your watch, most brands recommend a maintenance department every two years.

The service, between two services, you assure its greater reliability and the long term.

It consists of a cleaning (the case and metal bracelet, with a slight polishing to reduce the micro-scratches), a control operation, change of all joints, any settings and a leak test.

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Regarding the feature of a mechanical watch:
Cleaning and lubrication of the escapement and the balance must be made, control of movement of the operating parameters and functions of the watch.

As for a quartz watch:
An exchange of the battery. Control of operating parameters of the movement and the watch functions.

Our watchmaking workshop you can do all of this service in the day or later in the 24- to 48 hours.

Repair your watch

Your watch is down? There is fog on the dial? A button stops working or is blocked? Your watch strap is broken?

Entrust your watch.

Our watchmaking workshop is approved by all major watch brands and our master watchmaker regularly follows the training they provide to be always at the forefront of technology and know all the new models.

Bring your watchWORKSHOP VOGTIME or make it arrive by carrier (or fold secure the Post Office), we'll prepare a custom quote and free.

With your consent, we will make the necessary repairs in accordance with the watch brand of each charter.

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It is very rare that we can not do the job ourselves and then we had to re-examine a watch in the brand workshops (usually based in Switzerland) for several weeks: our workshop has on site all the necessary material recommended by the marks (and more).

Contact us by telling us the model of your watch, its serial number and the problem you encounter: we are at your disposal.

Watchday knowledge

Should a mechanical watch with automatic winding up manually

In the majority of cases, the watches are equipped with mechanical movements with automatic winding. These instruments require, once set at the time and date, to be reassembled by the wrapping crown about twenty tours before being passed to the wrist. This will give the force necessary for movement ensuring optimal precision. Just shake it for launching it can not suffice because it will take two hours to reach an optimal torque, in normal conditions of use. Do not go up manually as it was previously at the stop, the risk of moving forward or stopping it, lacking enough active.

When to go back a manual winding mechanical watch?

A manual winding mechanical watch is ideally rising every day at a more or less fixed time. The best thing being to do it before going to the wrist, in the morning. Thinking to go up the watch with some delicacy because the crown is immobilized once the spring is thoroughly tense. Forcing it may damage the mechanism for reassembling the barrel spring.

What is a difference between a chronograph and a stopwatch?

We often confuse a chronograph with a stopwatch while these are two different things. A stopwatch is a reputable instrument for its accuracy while a chronograph can measure short times. However, in the absolute, a chronograph can be stopwatch if it is certified by the COSC, the acronym of Swiss official control of the chronometers.

What is a tachometer?

A tachometer is a scale used to measure the average speed in km / h based on the time needed to go through 1,000 m. For example, to measure your average speed drive, launch the chronograph at the passage of a kilometer terminal, then stop it exactly one kilometer further (next kilometer terminal). The second hand uses the tachometer scale to indicate the average speed in km / h for the kilometer you have just browsed.

What is a rangefinder?

A rangefinder is a scale for measuring the distance that separates the observer from a phenomenon first visible and then audible. Its graduation is based on the speed of sound (343 m / s). Thus, to determine the distance of a storm compared to your position, launch the chronograph when you see a flash, then stop it when you hear the thunder. Look at the dial of your watch: the second hand uses the rangeframe scale to indicate the distance that separates you from where the flash appears.

What is a universal time watch?

A universal time watch or "Worldtimer" indicates, besides the local time, the time in the 24 time zones in the world using an indexed disc on the 24 cities on the dial. This makes it possible to identify the 24 spindles in which the cities are located. At any time, you can know the time in 24 major cities in the world (representing the various time zones) while maintaining the city's time in which you are in or live.

What is the dual spindle function?

A watch equipped with a double spindle complication or "dual time" makes it possible to indicate the time in a second time zone. The time in the second time zone can be read using a central needle or needle located in a graduated counter from 1 to 24. In practice, the main hour needle is set to L The local time, that of the place where the person travels, and the needle of the second time zone indicates the time of his city of residence.

What is the Moon Phase function?

A watch equipped with the moon phase complication shows the cycles of the moon on the dial (first neighborhood, full moon ...). The moon phases are generally indicated using a mobile disk that rotates a lunar month (29.5 days).

Why is my mechanical watch less precise than a quartz watch?

The precision difference comes from the fact that both movements are different:

Quartz watches are extremely accurate thanks to their high frequency of vibration (32 kHz). Their precision (advance or delay) is of the order of 1 to 2 minutes / year.

In comparison, a mechanical movement (manual or automatic winding) contains a spiral pendulum whose frequency of the oscillations varies between 2.5 and 4 Hz, which causes an accuracy of the order of 1 to 2 minutes / week. The accuracy of an automatic winding mechanical watch can also be influenced by the way it is worn. It goes back as the movements of your wrist, therefore, the bracelet must be well adjusted to the wrist to avoid a loss of autonomy. Its walking state can also be influenced by environmental factors (temperature, pressure, humidity, magnetic fields).

The accuracy of a mechanical watch is strongly influenced by environmental factors such as temperatures, inertia, repeated clashes and magnetic fields. In addition, its precision is also linked to the reassembly of the watch. For the latter to be optimal, the mechanism must be back as and when your wrist moves. Therefore, it is preferable that the bracelet is well adjusted to the wrist to avoid a loss of autonomy.