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Vogtime workshop has a field tabulation workshop recognized by major brands.
serviceVogtime Seminar Mainly in our workshop.
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It takes 5 to 15 minutes to replace the battery (depending on the availability of the clock).
Sav watch workshop
Seal inspection shall be completed within one hour.
(I) Vogtime studio, The delivery time of vas varies from 3 weeks to 1 month, because your watch is transported to their original brand factory, which is very special: our workshop has been recognized by our brand. We can carry out vas on site and repair, overhaul and maintenance in a very short time.
Sav watch workshop
The mechanical watch can only be overhauled within 2-5 weeks. According to the procedures recommended by most watch brands, this means that the watch can be kept for 5-6 days for inspection after overhaul, Fix it and make sure it works when we return it to you.
Sav watch workshop
Comprehensive maintenance service
Accurate diagnosis by the workshop manager allows the creation of qualified quotations. This comprehensive maintenance service will thoroughly check your chronograph. Once the quotation is verified, these operations will be completed by our high-quality watchmaker and trained according to our internal quality chart.

Summary of key steps of comprehensive maintenance service:
  • Bracelet removal
  • Box bottom opening
  • Remove the needle dial
  • Disassembly movement<
  • Clean all parts in the tank
  • Replace worn parts
  • Refit the movement using the component lubrication points
  • Multi position motion adjustment of Automatic Watch
  • Electric motion control of quartz watch
  • Functional check before reassembly >
  • Dial gp-needle
  • Optional: optional polishing and / or polishing boxes and bracelets
  • Clean the box and bracelet in the ultrasonic tank
  • Replace all seals
  • Replace the battery on the quartz watch
  • Completely reassemble the watch
  • Bottom seal
  • Seal inspection: a seal ticket will be issued to you
  • Time and function control
  • Standby operation test after reassembly on automatic watch range simulator
  • Aesthetic and functional inspection of bracelets and buckles. Fixing Bracelet screw
  • Final aesthetic and functional quality control before shipment
After each maintenance Vogtime, your watch will be guaranteed a year Completed work.
Service delay
In order to ensure the best quality of your timer overhaul, different interventions need to be adjusted according to the downtime.
After receiving the watch or agreeing to the quotation in our workshop, the indicative deadlines for our various services are as follows:
Simple maintenance service :
-Two weeks.
Comprehensive maintenance service :
– single quartz or Chronograph: 3 weeks.
– simple mechanical / automatic: 1 month.
– automatic, with complications (timing, alarm clock, etc.): at least 1 month.
These deadlines are for reference only and may vary depending on the age of the watch and the work to be done.
Vogtime puts at your service a highly qualified watchmaker to provide you with the best possible benefits. The accuracy and quality of a movement depends on the execution of each component. For this reason workshop vogtime is equipped with tools and high-end machines in order to provide meticulous and precise work. Our first priority is our customer service, which is why we make every effort to satisfy every request.
Before starting any work for simple restoration, revision or maintenance, we will send the customer a detailed cost estimate. Maintenance packages do not include changes in wear such as an electronic circuit, glass, crown or mink, for example. However, the change of seals for sealing and the pile are included in the packages.
We make SAV and the monitoring of your watches an integral part of our professional activity, and that is in particular The reason why we can afford to guarantee for life most of the products we offer for sale on our online shop.
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