Montres CASIO - GA-700-1BER - 57.5 mm / Resine
Montres CASIO - GA-700-1BER - 57.5 mm / Resine
Montres CASIO - GA-700-1BER - 57.5 mm / Resine
Montres CASIO - GA-700-1BER - 57.5 mm / Resine
Montres CASIO - GA-700-1BER - 57.5 mm / Resine
Montres CASIO - GA-700-1BER - 57.5 mm / Resine


Ref: GA-700-1BER

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Technical specifications

  • Super illuminator
    By simple button pressing the dial will be illuminated with beautiful fashionable colors.
  • Neobrity
    Needles and / or index have a fluorescent coating and continue to shine in the dark when the watch has previously been exposed to a luminous source
  • Universal time function
    The universal time function displays the time in 29 time zones and big cities in the world.
  • 1/100 s - 24 hours
    Measuring the elapsed time with accuracy at 1 / 100th seconds over a maximum duration of 24 hours. The sound signal confirms the launch and stopping the stopwatch.
  • Countdown accounts - 1/1 min - 1 hour
    For all those who like the accuracy: the countdown reminds the important or recurring events by emitting an acoustic signal on the scheduled date and time. The time can be programmed in minutes, 1 hour maximum in advance.
  • Daily alarm
    The daily alarm is triggered every day when you program. The value indicates how many daily alarms are available.
  • Snooze function
    Whenever you stop the alarm, it triggers again a few minutes later.
    The beep sounds can be disabled with the mode key. After deactivation, there is no longer beeps in passing from one function to another. However, scheduled alarms or countdowns remain active after deactivating the beep of the keys.
  • Needle displacement function
    This function makes it possible to move the needles, when the latter prevent the visibility of the time, date or timer function.
  • Automatic calendar
    Once programmed, the automatic calendar always displays the correct date.
  • 12/24 hours time format
    You can display the time in 12 hours or 24 hours format.
  • Mineral glass
    Hard and scratch-resistant mineral glass protects the clock of unsightly damage.
  • Resin case
  • Resin bracelet
    Thanks to its extreme durability and flexibility, synthetic resin is an ideal material for bracelets.
  • 5 years - 1 stack
    The battery provides the desired energy for approx. 5 years.
  • Sealing class (20 bars)
    Perfect for swimming and diving without equipment: the watch is waterproof up to 20 bar, the equivalent of 200 meters. The indications in meters do not refer to the diving depth, but at atmospheric pressure, used as part of the sealing control. (ISO 22810)
  • Dimensions (h x l x p)
    57.5mm x 53.4mm x 18,4mm.
  • Weight
    approx. 69.0 g

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