Montres CASIO - G-SHOCK G STEEL - GST-B100D-1AER - 54mm /
Montres CASIO - G-SHOCK G STEEL - GST-B100D-1AER - 54mm /
Montres CASIO - G-SHOCK G STEEL - GST-B100D-1AER - 54mm /


Ref: GST-B100D-1AER

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Technical Specifications

  • Bluetooth ® V4.1 (Low Energy)
    The watch is equipped with a Bluetooth ® energy efficient technology allowing the exchange of data of a simple pressure on a button. The Bluetooth ® feature allows you to connect without wire to a smartphone, giving access to a multitude of very practical features.
  • LED lighting
    The watch dial is illuminated by a light emitting diode.
  • Resistance to shocks
    The shock-resistant structure protects the watch from impacts and vibrations.
  • Resistance to vibrations
    The module of the watch is surrounded by elements in alphaGEL, which make the watch even more resistant to shaking and vibrations. AlphaGEL is a kind of small silicone mattress, extremely flexible, that has a damping effect on the module.
  • Solar Operation
    Solar cells provide a self-sufficient, environmentally friendly power supply. The surplus of solar energy is stored in an accumulator.
  • Neobrite:
    The needles and/or the index have a fluorescent coating and continue to shine in the dark when the watch was previously exposed to a light source
  • Universal Time Function
    The Universal Time function displays time in 29 time zones and major cities around the world.
  • Displaying a second time zone
  • View date and day of week
    Date and day of week are displayed
  • Timeline-24 hours
    The elapsed time is measured with one accuracy per second, for a maximum duration of 24 hours.
  • Countdown clock-1/1 sec-24 hours
    For all those who love precision: the countdown reminds you of the important or recurring events by emitting an acoustic signal at the set date and time. Time can be programmed in seconds, up to 24 hours in advance.
  • Daily Alarm
    A sound alarm reminds you every day of your scheduled time.
  • Locking the crown button
    Lock the crown button to avoid accidental changes.
  • Smart Access Technology
    The Smart Access system allows you with the help of an electronic wreath to quickly and intuitively access all the features of your watch. To switch from one mode to another, or to use features such as the 1/20th-of-second stopwatch, the countdown timer, the alarm clock, or the universal time, you just need to press the wreath or rotate it.
  • Function
    Have you misplaced your smartphone? You need only d\\'press one of the buttons on the watch to make your smartphone an alarm.
  • Automatic Calendar
    Once programmed, the automatic calendar always displays the correct date.
  • Time format 12/24 hours
    You can display the time in 12-hour or 24-hour format.
  • Mineral Glass
    Hard, scratch-resistant mineral glass protects the watch from unsighting damage.
  • Enclosure in fine steel and resin
  • Solid stainless steel bracelet
    Solid, durable and elegant: the solid stainless steel bracelet is a great classic of high quality among watches.
  • Security Fermoir
    Perfectly safe: the bracelet of this watch has a special security clasp that prevents the unannounced opening of the bracelet.
  • Sealant (20 bar)
    Perfect for swimming and diving without equipment: the watch is watertight up to 20 bars (ISO 22810).
  • Dimensions (H x L x P)
    51mm x 53.8mm x 14.1mm
  • Weight
    Env. 190.0 g

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