Montres CASIO - GW-B5600BC-1BER - 48.9mm x 42.8mm / Résine
Montres CASIO - GW-B5600BC-1BER - 48.9mm x 42.8mm / Résine
Montres CASIO - GW-B5600BC-1BER - 48.9mm x 42.8mm / Résine
Montres CASIO - GW-B5600BC-1BER - 48.9mm x 42.8mm / Résine


Ref: GW-B5600BC-1BER

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Technical specifications

  • Bluetooth® Smart
    The watch is equipped with energy-efficient Bluetooth® technology allowing data exchange at a touch of a button. The Bluetooth® function allows wireless to connect the watch to a smartphone, giving access to a multitude of very practical features.
  • Smartphone Time
  • LED lighting
    The watch dial is illuminated by an electroluminescent diode.
  • Impact resistance
    The impact resistant structure protects the watch from impacts and vibrations.
  • Solar operation
    Solar cells provide an autonomous power supply and environmentally friendly. Surplus solar energy is stored in an accumulator.
  • Automatic Time Via Receiving Radio-Pilot Signals (EU, USA, JPN, CHN)
    Whether in Europe, North America or Japan, in the vast territories of Canada, Central America or China - once the local time zone is adjusted, it receives the corresponding radio signal and always indicates The exact date and time. In many countries, it automatically goes from summer time to winter time and vice versa.
  • Universal time function
    The universal time function displays the time in 29 time zones and big cities in the world.
  • Chronometer 1/100 s - 24 hours
    Measuring the elapsed time with accuracy at 1 / 100th seconds over a maximum duration of 24 hours. The sound signal confirms the launch and stopping the stopwatch.
  • Counts - 1/1 sec - 24 hours
    For all those who love accuracy: the countdown counts remind you of the important or recurring events by emitting an acoustic signal on the date and time settled. The time can be programmed in seconds, 24 hours maximum in advance.
  • Daily alarm
    The daily alarm is triggered every day when you program. The value indicates how many daily alarms are available.
  • Snooze function
    Whenever you stop the alarm, it triggers again a few minutes later.
  • Display of the day of the week in several languages
    The day is displayed in several languages ​​of choice.
  • Function 
    Have you lost your smartphone? Simply press one of the watch buttons for your smartphone to be an alarm.
  • Flight log function
  • Mineral glass
    Hard and scratch-resistant mineral glass protects the clock of unsightly damage.
  • Resin case
  • Resin articulated bracelet
    The bracelet, made of synthetic resin indeformable, remains lightweight and comfortable despite its extreme robustness.
  • Safety clasp
    Perfectly safe: The bracelet of this watch is equipped with a special safety clasp that prevents unintended opening of the bracelet.
  • Battery level indicator
    Displays the current level of the batteries.
  • Sealing class (20 bars)
    Perfect for swimming and diving without equipment: the watch is sealed up to 20 bar (ISO 22810).
  • Dimensions (h x l x p)
    48.9mm x 42.8mm x 13,4mm
  • Weight
    approx. 85.0 g

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