Montres CASIO - GBD-800UC-3ER - 54.1 mm x 48.6 / Résine
Montres CASIO - GBD-800UC-3ER - 54.1 mm x 48.6 / Résine
Montres CASIO - GBD-800UC-3ER - 54.1 mm x 48.6 / Résine
Montres CASIO - GBD-800UC-3ER - 54.1 mm x 48.6 / Résine
Montres CASIO - GBD-800UC-3ER - 54.1 mm x 48.6 / Résine
Montres CASIO - GBD-800UC-3ER - 54.1 mm x 48.6 / Résine


Ref: GBD-800UC-3ER

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  • Technical details

    Accuracy Smartphone link
    Alarm function Daily alarm
    Auto Calendar Yes, sir.
    Tape material resin bangle
    Key sound beep on / off Yes, sir.
    Housing, housing Resin shell
    Digital / analog number
    Glass Mineral glass
    Illuminator Super illuminator
    Overlapping memory 200 laps
    Resistance Impact resistance
    timer Yes, sir.
    General time function General time function
    Water resistance 20 bar
    Dimensions / dimensions (H x W x D) 54.1mm x 48.6mm x 15.5mm
    weight 59.0 G

Detail / specification gbd-800uc-3er

Impact resistance

The shockproof structure protects the watch from shock and vibration.

Bluetooth ® clever

This watch uses Bluetooth technology ® Energy saving, just press the button to exchange data. Bluetooth function ® Allows you to wirelessly connect your watch to your smartphone, providing a variety of very convenient functions.

Super illuminator

Just press the button and the dial will light up beautiful fashion colors.

Mineral glass

The hard and wear-resistant mineral glass protects the watch from unnecessary damage.

Resin shell


resin bangle

Synthetic resin has high durability and flexibility. It is an ideal material for bracelets.

a scraper bucket


Sealing class (20 bar)

Ideal for swimming and diving without equipment: watches are waterproof up to 20 bar (ISO 22810).

Auto Calendar

Once set, the automatic calendar always displays the correct date.

Time format 12 / 24 hours

You can display time in 12 hour or 24-hour format.

Step tracker


General time function

The world time function displays the time of 29 time zones and major cities in the world.

Stopwatch 1 / 100 second - 24 hours

Measure the running time with an accuracy of 1 / 100 second within a maximum of 24 hours. The sound signal confirms the start and stop of the stopwatch.

Overlapping memory 200

This memory allows the recording of timing, cycle time and intermediate time for future reference. The data block consists of the following information: date, time, cycle time, and intermediate time. The memory can store 200 such data blocks.


Daily alarm

The alarm clock will trigger every day at the time you set. The indicated value corresponds to the number of daily alarms available.

2 years - 1 pile

The battery provides about the energy required for the watch. two years.


Have you misplaced your smartphone? Just press a button on the watch and the smartphone will alarm.

Smartphone time


Key sound beep on / off

Use the mode key in order to turn off the beeps from the keys. When disabled, the buzzer will no longer sound when switching from one function to another. However, when the key sound beep is disabled, the programmed alarm or countdown remains active.

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