Vigorous. The star of our new collection CLUSE






Master your time with this new watch.
With its modern and unusual design, the watch Hale is distinguished from all the others. Carefully designed for all your most beautiful moments.
Time is our most valuable asset. It is our responsibility to know how we want to spend. And with who. Take control - this life is yours. The power is yours. Control your time. Be Vigorous.

Dive into the details, with the watch Hale

It has a built-link bracelet and having elements in brushed stainless steel with polished facets. Its dial grid white snow is accompanied by a bracelet available in rose gold finish, gold or silver. The watch is stainless steel, for a rigorous and bold look.


Product Description

Powerful. Elegant. Unique. This gold watch and bracelet with links is provided with elements brushed stainless steel with polished facets. Its luxurious appearance will enhance your wrist. Featuring a white dial grid snow and a hint of joy. An ode to the most beautiful moments of life. Water resistance: 5 ATM. Ask your jeweler to adjust the links in the wristwatch to your size.

The watch CLUSE Hale

Powerful. Elegant. Unique.
Time is our most valuable asset, the watch Hale has been designed to capture the most beautiful moments and regain control of our time.

This exquisite watch with integrated link strap is provided with elements brushed stainless steel with polished facets. An ergonomic and refined design, having a housing of 33 mm with clasp double clasp. This model features a dial snow white grid and a faceted index. A watch that will stimulate your senses.

Available in finish gold, rose gold Where silver - always created with attention to detail. This model differs from others by its unique appearance and its contemporary design. The watch Vigorous add a touch of joy to live with any look and will sublimate your wrist.

Enjoy your finest moments with this striking collection women's watches.

Control your time. Be Strong.


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Aida Domenech

Eclectic, casual and rock. @dulceidaBlogger style from Barcelona, ​​is adored by his fans who admire him for his ability to combine an enfant terrible attitude and unpretentious elegance. For her, nothing is more valuable than the support of his followers and the ability to focus on the projects that she really appreciates. 

Receiver Carolina

Feminine, casual and chic. @carolinereceveur, Fashion blogger and independent woman entrepreneurship, loves being his own and be able to work anywhere in the world.

Pamela Reif

Athletic. Casual. Black fan. @pamela_rfleads a very active life, she devotes to writing his book, design collections and organization of meetings with his fans. A fashionista sneakers.

Veronica Ferraro

Top blogger and influential fashion, known for being the mind behind the fashion blog and lifestyle The Fashion Fruit. She has worked with brands such as Louis Vuitton, Dior, Fendi and Chanel and has been featured in publications such as Vogue, Marie Claire and Harper's Bazaar.