Hamilton Ventura Skeleton Spider-Man Limited edition to 999 PARTS-H24595331

She first appeared on the wrist of the character Iron Man in the Spider-Man: Homecoming film. With her skeletal dial, she evokes a sophisticated spider web and unveils its H-10-S movement.
An Out of the Common watch
It is customary for Hamilton to create atypical watches. In order to satisfy its adherents, the house proposes a time-guard with a steel asymmetrical housing of 42.5 mm by 44.6 mm. The latter is dressed in a black PVD coating, which only enhances the mysterious side of the watch even further.
The Ventura Skeleton Auto also has an ajourn dial that allows you to admire the H-10-S calibre that motorizes it. It is then equipped with an important 80-hour walking reserve. As for its bracelet, it is made of black rubber closed by a barbless loop with PVD coating.
  • Calibre:
  • Enclosure material:
    Stainless Steel
  • Glass:
  • Movement:
  • Chassis dimensions:
  • 42,5mm x 44.6mm
  • Integrity :
  • Integrity up to 5 bar (50 m)/73 psi



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When Hamilton defeated the Ventura for the first time in 1957, he had a considerable impact. It was not only the first watch in the world on drums-the first major change in watchmaking technology in 500 years-but it also revolutionized the watch style. With its dramatically asymmetrical housing, it did not look like any watch ever made. The public fell madly in love. Designed by legendary industrial designer Richard Arbib, the Ventura was the quintessence of the modern design of the middle of the century, as futuristic as the new revolutionary technology in the housing. The Brand: Hamilton Since its founding in 1892, Hamilton has developed a reputation as the ultimate supplier of accurate timing associated with an elegant design. In addition, in 1912, the company began producing pocket watches so precise that they carried the title of "Precision of the Railway watch". This gave the brand the prestigious rank of supplier to the US Army at the beginning of the two World Wars. As a result of the American participation in the Second World War, the pioneer Hamilton Marine Chronometer became an invaluable navigational tool for the American Navy. Hamilton in the post-war years was defined by his unique and exclusive relationship with Hollywood. From the 1951 Frogman watch, Hamilton watches were featured in more than 450 films, including Elvis Presley's wrist in "Blue Hawaii" in 1961, "2001: A Space Odyssey" and, more recently, in "Interstellar" and "The Martian". '. Significantly, the company's production and headquarters were transferred to state-of-the-art facilities in Biel, Switzerland. Of course, Hamilton is still a global force within the watchmaking industry, because its watches offer an incomparable combination of historical American heritage. Swiss internal operation and a touch of Hollywood flair.