Seiko 5 Sports-Icon Renaissance - "SHOW YOUR STYLE"

For more than 50 years, Seiko 5 Sports has always provided high levels of reliability, durability, performance and value that have seduced fans of Mechanical watches Throughout the world. Today, with the creation of a new design and a vast collection, this much appreciated timekeeping is reborn. Welcome to the universe of Seiko 5 Sports, a collection that takes back the same values of yesteryear but with a new look.

Sports watches and vintage

In the 60s, the Seiko 5 was a new standard in the world of affordable mechanical watches. From watches with robust housing to the models of vintage design, this collection offers you multiple choices to adopt a resolutely sport and urban look!

If you value the value/price ratio, the Seiko 5 watches Are an obvious choice for you. The Seiko 5 are very often recommended by collectors to those seeking their first automatic watch, or to those seeking to expand their collection with an iconic piece of the world watchmaking, at an affordable price.

The history of Seiko 5 watches

The Seiko 5 collection Was born in the 1960s from a simple idea, which inspired her name. A watch must ideally fill 5 essential functions. Of course it takes a display of the time, and a display of the date is also desirable. From a physical point of view, a good watch is waterproof and has good impact resistance. Finally, the last criterion is that the watch must be equipped with an automatic winding movement.

This is the gathering of these 5 main functions that gave birth to the first Seiko 5 watches. Over the next 60 years, from the Seiko 5 to the different styles, a name was given to the watchmakers, from the classical style to the "style". Today we put forward on this page of sports design watches, incorporating for some the codes of the dive watches.

The automatic calibre of Seiko 5

All models in Seiko 5 range Are automatic watches. And yes, it was one of the five bases of the collection, mentioned earlier. Historically, the calibres that animate the Seiko 5 are known for their robustness and simplicity. The objective is assumed: to offer the most reliable automatic watch possible at a content and affordable price. The movements are thus simple but effective, sometimes qualified as tireless by amateurs of the collection.

The watches of this selection are equipped with the calibre 4R36, automatic movement respectively equipped with the single day display and double display day/date. Of course, all the calibers integrated into our watches are manufactured by Seiko, which makes Seiko 5 of the manufacturing watches, in full, from the movement to the bracelet, passing through the sapphire glass.


A new design. Respect for a story. To each one.