On October 8, after 2 years of development and experimentation in the natural environment, RALF TECH launched a new generation of WRX combining technical modifications and new finishes. These WRX are, among other things, equipped with a new movement " Electric " New dials " Sandwich " And an innovative encapsulation system guaranteeing a real seal up to 1000 meters certified.
A good recipe can be improved, but its base must remain the same. Based on this assumption, the aesthetic perception of the WRX was to remain unchanged. Pari succeeded with its recognisable semi-cushion form between a thousand and its high tension lines inspiring confidence and power. The WRX remains recognizable and recognized.
The new WRX Electric now has a new sandwich frame. Composed of two thicknesses they allow to apply a significant amount of SuperLuminova®On a disk under the main dial. Thanks to this technique of stencil the legibility is excellent day and the exceptional visibility at night. This newness also adds relief to the dials, which gives them an unparalleled style.
The new WRX Electric inaugurates a new type of motion at RALF TECH.
Developed in Switzerland for our home this new movement works according to a micro-hybridization system. It combines precision, reliability and energy saving. Built from the mechaquartz base of the hybrid movement of previous WRX generations, the movement RTE001 reduces the quantity of moving parts and simplifies the quartz supply as much as possible. Its autonomy can range up to 100 000 hours or almost 12 years, where most movements propose a 40-hour working reserve for automatic and about 2 years for traditional quartz.
Another change is that the new WRX now has a " Box background " With system " Of encapsulation " Unpublished. This innovation makes it possible to seal the bottom of the watch to the box, guaranteeing an optimal seal. In order to secure the maintenance of the WRX, only RALF TECH has the specific tooling to open and close the background of the new models to guarantee, revision after revision, the original waterproofing of the WRX.
As the majority of WRX users were professionals, the idea was to make life easier for WRX users. Often absent, evolving in degraded conditions, their watch must remain a powerful and safe tool. Thanks to the new movement and our unprecedented sealing system, a minimal maintenance is required for these last generation WRX. A visit every 10 years will make it possible to check the energy system of the watch, to change all the joints and to reencapsulate the watch thus ensuring the tranquility of the users of WRX for the next ten years.
Thick sapphire thunder treated with the thickest stripe of the market (for a series watch) with a thickness of 5.9mm, thick carrure of 10mm in certain strategic places, wide bracelets held by threaded rods anti-grubbing, eyeglasses in Céramfine for the most extreme, guaranteed up to 1000 meters for certain finishes, the WRX are intrinsically efficient tools.
Their new features now make them monsters of efficiency.
Operating within a range of -10 ° to +55 ° their resistance to shocks and vibrations is exceptional. With 12 years of walking reserve, their autonomy reached records. Their lapses make them ultra-legible. These technical characteristics validated by sea trials constitute the sum of all the know-how RALF TECH.
Assembled in France, complementing the Hybrid and Automatic versions, the new WRX should in all logic become the indispensable reference of the " Tool Watches " To the professionals of the adventure, whether military or civilian. Their performances and design should finally seduce the fans of alternative watchmaking. The new WRX will be released in 6 different finishes, 3 of which will be available as early as October.
The technical characteristics of the WRX ELECTRIC ORIGINAL
> Micro Hybrid Electric Movement RTE001®

> 100000-hour march reserve (up to 12 years)

> Actual 500M/1650FT

> ISO 6425 compliant format " Diving watch "

> Duties hours, minutes, seconds, date, calculation of immersion time

> 316L Surgical Steel Box, diameter 47.5mm (excluding crown)

> Glass sapphire glass treated anti-glare 5.9 mm thick

> Matte black dial 95 % sandwich type (2 separate thicknesses)

> Professional luminescent indicators " SuperLuminova®" C3 with Arabic numerals 3-6-9-12 industrial style

> Aiguilles en Steel 316, luminescent professional " SuperLuminova®" C3

> LLunette in unidirectional screw steel, 120 clicks, black anodized aluminum insert, professional luminescent marker " SuperLuminova®" C3
> Engraved background and engraved with numbering in the series, unreported encapsulation system

> Strengthened, screwed and protected Crown

> Black silicone bracelet and black zulu strap, 26mm interhorn, oval perforations, 26mm screw loop

> Delivered in a NATO-approved polycarbonate nut

> Made in France

> 300-part limited series
  • WRX Electric " Original "
    1 900
  • WRX Electric " Original Ocean "
    1 900
  • WRX Electric " Original Tundra "
    1 900