The new G-Shock "Casioak" GM-2100

G-Shock GM-2100 Casioak offers an octagonal metal glasses

G-Shock has a cult model and immediately recognizable at its octagonal box: the GA-2100. On its dial, we discover a double digital and analog display, a specificity introduced for the first time on the DW-5000C. Another peculiarity: the finesse of the watch. This is the finest model at G-Shock!
As a reminder, the specialty of G-Shock has always been to design ultra-resistant watches, and therefore not especially fine ... but the GA-2100 brings together these two assets and has seen since its exit a great success!
While the GA-2100 is fully resinted, G-Shock offers us with the GM-2100 a metal version of this box. We find the same octagonal box, a shape that also works very well with this new material! It has a rounded bezel on its upper part and a slightly polished metal that strengthens this premium side.
The GM-2100 is declined in 4 colors:
  • Gray (GM-2100-1Aer)
  • Blue (GM-2100N-2Aer)
  • Green (GM-2100B-3Aer)
  • Red (GM-2100B-4Aer)

The choice is really not going to be simple! I have a small preference for the blue color. All these versions are associated with a textured resin bracelet that returns the same feeling of robustness.
Despite this new metal trim, the GM-2100 weighs only 21 g more than the GA-2100 (72 g against 51 g). And we find all the functions (universal time function, LED lighting, 5 daily alarms, etc.) and the same performance in terms of impact resistance and water (20 bar / 200 m).
Proposed at 199 € for the gray version and 219 € for others, this new model will for surely constitute a new temptation object for g-shock enthusiasts!
G-Shock: Master of Robustness
It's an amazing brand. Even if it has never had the objective of seducing watchmaker lovers, she has been able to touch a sensitive rope in the general public. Military by the building occupations, or for athletes, the proposal of G-Shock responds to a need for resistance that no other brand has really managed to match. It reigns supreme on this unique niche, and we regularly carry our DW-5600, re-edition of the original model of 1983, for any sports activity or too risky for our valuable toctants.


Its nickname is not stolen because with its octagonal glasses, this G-shock does not hide its features borrowed from the famous Royal Oak Timekeeper ...
Relevant lines that find even more sense in this steel version. With a housing measuring 44.4mm wide, it differs from most brand watches that used us to off-standards templates. From the top of its 12 mm, it is also the finest of all. These new proportions have undoubtedly been involved in its success. Its finish is also very interesting with circular brushing over the entire upper part of the bezel, then a polishing that goes down to the bottom of the body with a straight brushing on the most exposed sides. What limits maximum micro-stripes, only where it is relevant. The bottom of the box, fixed by 4 screws, is identical to the rest of the range with a finish also brushed vertically. The whole is covered with a mineral, rayable glass, and still retains the tightness of 20 ATM (200 m).


Even if for many, G-Shock rhyme with Digital dial, the brand also likes to offer analogial dials - or rather hybrid - that we find here. On an anthracite gray background with brushed finish rotate the hours of hours and minutes, covered with a neobrite layer, a patented luminescent coating by CASIO. The seconds, are indicated in the lower part of the digital counter at 4-5 hours while the upper part is dedicated to the date indication (month / day) or any other function selected. The counter at 9 o'clock, has a small needle indicating the days, the automatic calendar does not require any other intervention once settled. Needles up to the molded indexes, everything is quasi-monochrome because the brand privileges style without losing sight of the first function of the watch. Thanks to the oversized G-Shock side, everything is counterbalanced to offer a very good readability.


At each corner of the case is a push button. "Light" illuminates the dial with a small LED at the index at 5 hours, "Start" allows you to start / stop the precise stopwatch at 1/100 of a second and 24 hours maximum, "Adjust" to make the settings In some functions or reset the stopwatch, then "Mode" to browse the functions of the watch. These scroll in the Digital counter: "Time" for day / date and second, "WT" for World Time to indicate a second zone instead of the date, "STW" for STOPWATCH to 'Use the stopwatch, "TMR" to trigger a countdown at the second and 24 hours maximum, and finally "ALM" to set up to 5 daily alarms. It's simple and very effective.

Movement & Bracelet

Inside this watch, we find the 5611 module developed by CASIO which offers the functions listed above. It is powered by 2 SR726W batteries that offer about 3 years of autonomy (if you use LED lighting only once a day as well as the stopwatch less than 10 seconds per day). Anyway, it's ample enough. Side precision, without surprise since it is a digital watch, the movement deviates only +/- 15 seconds a month. Like many high-end models signed G-Shock, the bracelet is fixed by hex-headed screws. This is molded in resin, supple and durable, with a tiled pattern creating a slight rough relief to the touch. Nothing extravagant at the front buckle which is most standard.

G-Shock GM-2100-1Aer watch


  • Case: Stainless steel / polished & brushed finish
  • Width : 44.4mm
  • Length : 49.3mm
  • Thickness :11.8mm
  • Type of glass: Mineral glass
  • Illuminator: Led
  • Movement : Quartz
  • Autonomy: 3 years
  • Bracelet: Resin
  • Loop: Barren
  • Resistance to water:20 ATM / 200 m
  • Type of clasp:Folding loop