Riviera watch, Baume & Mercier design heritage

Riviera watch was born in 1973. This year, it has revived the spirit of an inspiring clock age. As a symbol of family, it retains its unique frame and the pure and tension lines of its famous steel shell. This mysterious fifth generation watch is not playing on the revival rope, but on the real revival.

Some watches stand the test of time and have never been hurt. The Riviera is one of them. She was born in 1973, when the watchmaking industry could afford almost anything, or not at all. Then Baume & Mercier showed a different, muscular, unique and unique watch: the Riviera watch.

Balm and Mercier Riviera

Love of design, attention to form and desire for boldness.

new generation

The original version in 2021 is: a large-diameter steel shell, a twelve corner baffle with four screws, automatic and quartz movement made in Switzerland, and replaceable integrated steel or soft material bracelets. The original design is there and eager to adapt to the times. It marks a continuous turning point, and its name is included in the living heritage of a mobile house. She looks like her ancestors, but she rewrites their history. In his way, as always.

Balm and Mercier Riviera

Three watches of the fifth generation Riviera: this watch is plural

Baumati Riviera

Riviera also boarded the pontoon and operated the mechanism in a high-end version equipped with baumatic self-made caliber, which has been famous and recognized for its success in the Clifton series for many years. As a technical jewelry, Riviera baumatic is committed to meeting the expectations of future owners for excellent and unparalleled quality.


Riviera baumatic is decorated with a blue smoked sapphire dial, an integral steel strap or a gray smoked sapphire dial, and a black soft strap. The transparency of its opaque dial makes people admire baumatik's moving wheel, as if time can't control this never blinking watch.

Baume & Mercier Riviera baumatic>

Baume & Mercier riviera-42mm

Faithful to the original, the 42mm diameter Swiss made automatic Riviera re examines the basic principle of the mythological model: a 12 plate twelve corner baffle, a unique decorative dial (blue, black or silver), symbolizing the meeting of mountains and oceans (the impact of water and stones), And replaceable blue steel or rubber bracelets for the "full blue" version. The original 1973 watch had a good outline, but it was in line with the taste of the time.

Baume & Mercier riviera-36mm

The Riviera is 36 mm in diameter and is intended for active, independent and distinctive women. Women can be driven by a "made in Switzerland" quartz movement and equipped with a blue or silver dial (steel bracelet) and a black dial (black rubber bracelet). This exquisite waterproof series also provides an automatic version, equipped with the proven "made in Switzerland" sport, which is suitable for all female parts 50 meters away (male parts are 100 meters waterproof).

Balm and Mercier Riviera crown