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BR03-92 MA-1: The new pilot watch - limited to 999 pieces

Police elite units to air force pilots, Bell & Ross Time Timeouts equip the experts in the civil and military world since its inception, by meeting the strictest specifications.

In turn, Bell & Ross is inspired by the dress codes of these professionals. 2019 sees the birth of BR 03-92 MA-1: a revisited version of the Bell & Ross icon watch. His subtle details pay tribute to the aviator jacket - or "Bomber" - Ma-1 of the US Air Force introduced in 1958.
The sandwich construction of its dial as well as its cuts allow it to be enhanced by the color of an orange lower plate. In addition, the dark khaki ceramic housing and the Khaki / Orange veal reversible bracelet offer a certain military look to the one with the door.

BR03-92 MA-1 Watch Bomber Khaki Bell & Ross

Tribute to an emblem of aviation: the Aviator Jacket MA-1

Since 2005, Bell & Ross Forge his reputation for high altitude performance by giving his collection Instruments the characteristics of dashboard dials: square, functional, robust.

Bell & Ross goes beyond the instrumentation of the cockpit with his very last timepiece, inspired by the iconic garment of the US Air Force, the Aviator Jacket MA-1.

These instruments are not the only equipment inside a cockpit. In the 1950s in the United States, with the emergence of the military response aircraft, the pilot's jacket - essential air force and Navy in the same way as the instruments - a radical change with The introduction of MA-1.
Originally designed as life equipment, the aviator jacket quickly imposed as a fashion icon. In 2019, it becomes the inspiration of Bell & Ross in its quest for innovative designs.

BR03-92 MA-1 American Army Bomber Army Jacket

A perfect chord of colors

Bell & Ross's designers were inspired by US Air Force in the 50's, and the ergonomic shape of the MA-1 to launch a dynamic version of its automatic airmaker.

Like the professional watches Bell & Ross, the Aviator Jacket Ma-1 responded to strict functional requirements; His neat aesthetic, his sculptural forms have simply stemmed.
The widespread adoption of reaction planes in the 1950s has achieved higher altitudes and thus, much colder temperatures. The rationalization and explosion of the avionics also contributed to the cockpits become more compact. The leather jackets of the air force drivers, thick skinned, bulky, uncomfortable and unlikely freezing, had to be quickly redesigned.
Nylon has established itself as the ideal solution; Indeed, almost all the production of this polyamide fiber was devoted to the manufacture of parachutes and their deals since the Second World War. She was looking for a new outlet.
The MA-1 is a reversible jacket, so its orange lining can serve as a tag when a distress driver waits for help. In the 70's, the jacket then knew a renewed popularity to become a real fashion icon. And today, she has the favor of the street and podiums.

BR 03-92 MA-1 perfect orange khaki colors

Limited series at 999 pieces

Bell & Ross published in series limited to 999 copies BR 03-92 MA-1, which resumes the distinctive attributes of the jacket.

Its case is not made of nylon, but a light, inrayable ceramic, and khaki, a color that is also found on the dial. This hue serves as a discreet background with orange numbers to allow maximum readability during night flights.
This color is given to ceramic while it is still in the initial state of oxide powder. A pigment is then added before the crystalline structure is formed by high temperature cooking. This dark khaki tint is therefore obtained from the first stages of development. The dial consists of two metal plates superimposed in sandwich. The upper part is cut around numbers and indexes to reveal the photoluminescent coating covering the lower plate.
The orange and khaki combination is used longly by the military. The dark green colors allow the one who carries them to camouflage in the most extreme conditions, while the orange is intimately linked to aviation. Still used today, he emphasizes the most crucial and urgent orders in the Cockpit of the Plane, including Bell & Ross originally inspired for his Instruments collection.

BEL & ROSS BR 03-92 MA-1 dial

Like the jacket, the bracelet of BR 03-92 MA-1, in Khaki veal leather, is not only lined with orange, but also reversible. To ensure optimal camouflage, the sewing is dark khaki color. The orange detail on the back of the bracelet remains, meanwhile, concealed in the eyes of all so that only the wearer knows the existence.
Of the enthusiast of the golden age of the style of style, BR 03-92 MA-1 offers many features in its 42 mm case, and is adapted to all personalities, at the Image of a high performance aviator jacket.

BR03-92-MA-1 Khaki Orange

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