David Gotlib "creates art redefining high jewelery for men"

David Gotlib

Based in Antwerp, David Gotlib was born in a diamond dynasty that led him to a long-standing passion for these sparkling jewels. This passion combined with a love of art inspired David to launch a collection of designer cufflinks for those with demanding tastes. Read more to learn more about David's influences.

Third-generation diamond, David Gotlib grew up in Antwerp, at the heart of the global diamond industry. Over the last twenty years, Gotlib has successfully managed the family business buying and selling gross and polite diamonds. His grandfather was a well-known and respected diamondes and his father, Marcel, perpetuated this legacy, remaining active in the company today. As a personal capacity, David Gotlib is an influential member of the diamond industry and is currently President of the Antwerp Diamond Stock Exchange.

Child, Gotlib helped his father sort rough diamonds before the precious stones are sent to the plant to be polished. These first moments triggered the passion of always Gotlib for rare and precious stones.

This passion was nourished by his mother, Frida, who, as far as Gotlib remembers, has always shared his love for art and culture. She raised her children with a deep sense of curiosity, wanting them to understand the creative process behind each work of art that they saw in the many museums they visited around the world.

Gotlib worked little time in the world of finance before joining the family business. As he became more involved in the diamond trade, Gotlib realized that he wanted to find a way to express his creativity. Combining his passion for diamonds, learned from his father, and his love of art, learned from his mother, Gotlib merged both interests and created the collection of David Gotlib cufflinks. The David Gotlib cufflinks are composed of diamonds, colorful precious stones and precious metals, all designed with art for sophisticated gentleman.


David Gotlib combines his knowledge of diamonds and precious stones with his eye for the excellence of design to create memorable hand-made cufflinks by highly qualified craftsmen in the heart of Antwerp, the Diamond City. Discover our expertise in the choice of precious stones and our know-how of stellar quality.
Discover our know-how.

In the tradition of European sewing houses, each pair of cufflinks is hand-crafted by talented craftsmen. A sophisticated design, exceptional materials and perfectly polished diamonds mix to create David Gotlib diamond cufflinks.
Each pair of cufflinks reveals the personality of the one who carries them and tells the story of the natural diamond trip presented in the creations of David Gotlib.

Formed in the depths of the earth there are billions of years ago, the diamonds are one of the rarest treasures of nature. Gotlig personally selects each raw diamond for its cufflinks.


The vibrant culture of Antwerp, one of the most prestigious diamond centers in the world, the diamond family dynasty and a deeply significant gift that evoked affectionate memories inspired David Gotlib to design his collection of cufflinks. Discover the story that launched David on his creative journey.

Why cufflinks?

"When I inherited my grandfather's cufflinks, they gave me a very special feeling. I wanted to capture these emotions and share them with others. The David Gotlib cufflinks combine my experience in the trade and the manufacture of diamonds with a fresh and creative approach to design. My diamond cufflinks are intended to be part of the privileged moments of life while bringing joy and pleasure to those who wear them.

Combining the inheritance of the family business diamonds with contemporary and traditional styles, Gotlib creations are inspired by the refined charm of a pair of cufflinks inherited from his grandfather. The thorough details of the Gotlib cufflinks reflect its perfectionist nature and its uncompromising desire for beauty, quality and exceptional design. The best materials, impeccable know-how and the highest trade standards are an essential part of David Gotlib cufflinks.

In the David Gotlib cufflinks, we believe that the real style lies in the details that transmit the know-how and sophisticated elegance. The diamonds, with their scarcity and beauty, which inspire and impress at the same time, are at the heart of Gotlib creations. The David Gotlib cufflinks capture this chic refinement spirit through innovative and elegant frames.

For those who appreciate style and want elegance, diamond cufflinks are the perfect jewel. It's not just about matching cufflinks to a tuxedo, but understand that beautiful jewelry can be worn with all types of clothes. Gotlib values ​​style and individuality and strives to create a special experience for the person who appreciates the stamp of distinctive diamond cufflinks.


All our cufflinks are handcrafted by our qualified craftsmen from exceptional diamonds and color precious stones set in precious metals. All items come from reliable suppliers that respect regulations governing best business practices. Discover the exceptional quality of David Gotlib.
Discover our materials

The gemstones and the most valuable metals of nature are David Gotlib Red Thread cufflinks. Each pair of cufflinks is finely worked in 18-carat gold and highlights at least one high quality natural diamond perfectly polite. Diamonds are sometimes complemented by precious stones of color, including sapphires and emeralds.

Antwerp is the main hub of the world diamond trade and also paves the way for the establishment of ethical standards in the diamond trade. All our stones are selected from a durable source. When you buy a pair of David Gotlib cufflinks, you can be sure that you have acquired an exquisite jewel in every sense of the word.

The extraordinary quality of the materials used in the David Gotlib cufflinks is guaranteed by the gotlib expertise accumulated during a life in the industry. As an accomplished and respected diamond trader, GOTLIB has extensive knowledge of the industry and is committed to working exclusively with reliable suppliers that meet high ethical standards. Each diamond and color precious stone is selected and handmade so that only the most exceptional precious stones are set in the David Gotlib cufflinks.

Each diamond is inspected twice. Once before it is expertly solved, then again after it is settled. Each diamond is certified by the International Gemological Institute (IGI), a world leader in jewelery and the classification of precious stones. IGI examines each stone and, as an independent third party, evaluates the 4C diamond - heavers in carats, color, clarity and cut. The rigorous evaluation of each diamond ensures the guarantee of authenticity and value of David Gotlib.


At David Gotlib, we promise that our cufflinks are made from precious diamonds, gemstones of color and gold. Made in Antwerp by the best craftsmen, our cufflinks are intended to bring you fun today, to last a lifetime, then to be transmitted to the next generation. Learn more about our promise to you.
What do you promise?

"The cufflinks are a caring gift for family members, relatives, friends, colleagues or associates. They are a very personal gift, but in a subtle way. Unlike many electronic gadgets and accessories, the cufflinks are never overlooked. These are timeless collectibles that will maintain both their emotional value and their investment value.

Whether you choose a pair of our exceptional cufflinks for yourself, or as a gift for someone else, originality and authenticity are at the heart of David Gotlib's history. The cufflinks must have a special meaning for the person who carries them. They can be for a special occasion or to commemorate a significant achievement. The cufflinks can also be a spontaneous purchase similar to collectors who purchase a work of art that captivates them by its beauty.

David Gotlib creates art, redefining high jewelery for men. It develops a distinctive aesthetic of luxury defined by meticulous attention to detail. Made from valuable materials that will retain their value, the David Gotlib cufflinks are intended to be collected and transmitted from generation to generation.