Marq Collection of Garmin: The "Tool Watches" of Luxury New Generation

Marq Aviator, Marq Driver, Marq Captain, Marq Expedition and Marq Athlete - Each of these watches are designed and manufactured to satisfy aviation, motor racing, sailing or shipping enthusiasts.


On the occasion of its 30th anniversary, Garmin reveals 5 models of exceptional watches placing the brand alongside the most beautiful references of the watchmaking: the MARQ collection. For this series of watches, Garmin wanted to conjugate the most noble time materials to its technological expertise in aviation, automotive, boating, sport and outdoor activities. After reinventing the sports watches market codes, Garmin stands out today on the watchmaking market and "Tool Watches".

Dan Bartel, Vice President of Garmin in charge of Global General Public Sales, comments: "We have been creating products that nourish passions for 30 years. We redesigned the Tool Watch with MARQ, a series of extraordinary, authentic connected models up to the slightest detail, and inspiration for new adventures. »

Luxury materials

The Marq Collection is the subject of a meticulous manufacturing process using first-class materials that guarantee the performance including in the most difficult environments. It automatically translates the highest aspirations of users. Each watch is made of titanium, a metal as strong as lightweight. This material, conjugated with a sapphire curved glass for absolute scratch resistance, is the hard core of each MARQ watch. To highlight the spirit of each model, an innovative premium bracelet completes its style, allowing clock adepts to express their singularity with the Garmin QuickFit solution, which allows you to have easily interchangeable bracelets.

Main features

Equipped with the best Garmin features, all models incorporate an anti-reflective screen on permanently, a high-performance GLONASS / Galileo compatible GPS as well as advanced sensors, measuring the heart rate and the pulse oximeter to the wrist. These features provide many sports activities such as running, cycling, swimming, bodybuilding, golf and skiing. The MARQ watches also offer premium features, such as music storage, contactless payment Garmin Pay ™, as well as smart notifications and advanced activity tracking. The battery life extends 12 days in SMARTWatch mode at 28 hours in GPS mode and 48 hours in ultratrac mode.


The brushed titanium alliance and a polished black ceramic GMT bezel confers a very classic character. This watch is adorned with an articulated titanium bracelet inspired by the Aviation Universe. Its "arrow profile" design and its micro-fitting system ensure perfect comfort in the cockpit, and extreme elegance after landing. The GMT bezel allows drivers to easily view GMT time, as well as two additional time zones displayed on the dial with the codes of the corresponding airports. Marqu Aviator also offers aviation-specific features such as airport details, as well as advanced security features including "Direct-to" navigation, NEXRAD weather radar technology and a global airport database. , while being compatible with Garmin cockpit displays.

Marq Driver 

Delivered with more than 250 famous circuits around the world, the Marq Driver has been designed for the automotive and adrenaline race. The red and gray pattern, is reflected in every detail of this running watch: from its housing to the DLC coating (amorphous carbon) with the brushed ceramic tachometer to the hybrid bracelet consisting of a titanium shell offering a style. Smooth and elegant. The silicone interior links, in addition, provide greater flexibility and comfort in the heat of the cabin. Its true character is revealed once on the track, with an automated timing of the driver performance on each turn, automatic intervals, the live difference in the time difference between the best tower and the last turn, and a stopwatch circuit. This last feature allows the user to follow cars' time from the edge of the track. It automatically calculates the average vehicle speed, displayed on the integrated tachometer in the bezel. Perfect to fully live all the intensity of the race!

Marq Captain

For those living on the tides, the Marq Captain offers a rich nautical concept, embellished with a regatta chronometer and an innovative nylon bracelet. Woven in the south of France by means of a relatively complex jacquard weaving process, each bracelet is unique and combines three shades of blue in a striking pattern that comes to reinforce the resolutely nautical nature of this watch. Designed to ensure exceptional marine performance, the bracelet is very tightly woven from wool fibers, and then laser cut, then inserted into the metal hooks to perfect its smooth and modern look. The Marq Captain is a teammate of choice on board thanks to its innovative features that can make all the difference during a regatta, like the virtual start line, the remaining time before departure and the transfer of edge. The dial displays the velocity of the wind in real time, the temperature as well as information on the tide at the port of attachment, allowing the captain to decide if the conditions are met for a beautiful day at sea.

Marq Expedition

Inspired by the antan shipping instruments, the Marq Expedition presents a dial with a 360 ° compass bezel, an analog style barometer and an Italian leather bracelet Vacchetta tanned. The inside of this extremely resistant bracelet is embossed in hollow to increase the flexibility and comfort from the first moment. The wax seams protect the moisture wires to prevent fraying. Created for today's Explorer, the Marq Expedition incorporates Topo Europe mapping, a self-calibrated altimeter, a barometer and a compass. The Marq Expedition is also compatible with the InReach Mini Satellite Communication Device. Wireless connectivity between different devices allows you to control the INREach Mini remotely to send and receive messages all over the world from the MARQ watch. Thanks to the new shipping mode, which optimizes the autonomy of the watch, adventurers can follow their desires for exploration of weeks.

Marq Athlete 

An optimized design for performance and a powerful carbon / yellow gray sports pattern make the MARQ athlete the obvious choice for performance athletes. The glasses displays the data that counts the most in their eyes, including the maximum VO2 and the recovery time, all easily visible on the wrist at a glance. In addition, the MARQ Athlete provides advanced race dynamics to allow users to better track their training statistics, measure their progress and improve their technique. Thanks to sensors dedicated to different biological indicators, athletes have a better understanding of their performance. Marq Athlete provides all the tools for competition and overflowing day after day.

The MARQ collection is the latest novelty of the Outdoor segment launched by Garmin. In full swing, this division focuses on designing technologies and innovations to enrich the experience of its users. Whether used for diving, hiking, mountain biking, running or golf, Garmin Outdoor devices are aimed at practitioners from all levels.

About Garmin

Garmin develops moving products worldwide for automotive, fitness, outdoor sports, navy and aviation areas. Since its founding in 1989, Garmin has sold more than 200 million products. The company, headquartered in Schaffhausen, Switzerland, employs today more than 13,000 people in 60 branches. Garmin is distinguished by a constant diversification policy, having allowed it to be successfully established in the markets of connected bracelets of activity and health, connected watches as well as golf and running watches. Garmin is present in German-speaking Europe with offices in Garching at Munich (Germany), Graz (Austria) and Neuhausen am Rheinfall (Switzerland). The company also has its own research and development center in Wurtzburg (Germany). The key to its success lies in the vertical integration: development, from the design to the finished product ready for sale, as well as the distribution remain as much as possible internally. This allows Garmin to guarantee the highest quality and design requirements and to offer its customers customized products to the most varied applications.