Montres BALLADE POWERMATIC 80 COSC - T108.408.22.037.00 - 41
Montres BALLADE POWERMATIC 80 COSC - T108.408.22.037.00 - 41
Montres BALLADE POWERMATIC 80 COSC - T108.408.22.037.00 - 41

Power ballad 80 cosc-t108. 408.22.037.00

Ref: T108.408.22.037.00

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This new Tissot ballad features a COSC certified powermatic 80 automatic mobile Silicon Spiral balance with Paris nail details as the dial. This Unisex watch has a white dial and two-color bracelet.


Power 80

The working principle of automatic watch is realized through the wearer's energy. It is wrist movement that enables the mechanism to work. Powermatic 80 provides 80 hours of standby time, which is enough to accurately display the time even without a watch after 3 days. Therefore, it is an innovative and efficient sport compared with competitors who usually provide market reserves for one and a half days.


Tissot offers "COSC" certified watches, i.e. certified stopwatches. The certificate is issued by the official Swiss stopwatch control agency, which carries out the most rigorous evaluation of sports within 15 days to test accuracy, diamagnetism and impact resistance.


In the 1930s, with the emergence of electronic products, Tissot used its expertise to serve customers, so the magnetic field generated by customers would not interfere with the movement of the watch. However, the magnetic field still occupies the watchmaker's mind. With the emergence of silicon as a new material for motion regulator components, Tissot can provide better resistance to the magnetic field generated by daily objects (such as mobile phones, televisions, computers, hair dryers). A magnet that turns off the radio or handbag. Tissot's watch has become more accurate than before.

Sapphire ice

Sapphire ice brings the following characteristics to the watch: it is very impact resistant, and the dial and pointer have good readability due to their transparency. Because this material is the strongest material after diamond, it is used in the watchmaking industry, especially because it has scratch resistance. Sapphire ice can take many forms to make watches have different designs: flat, convex, concave or grinding.

Water resistance

All boxes of Tissot watches have undergone many inspections, including tightness inspection. Tissot tests the ability of the watch to withstand impact, pressure and penetration of liquid, gas and dust by simulating the actual situation that may occur.

technical characteristics

  • Inventory unit


  • Weight (g)


  • Collection


  • Water resistance

    Waterproof to 5 bar (50 m / 165 ft)

  • guarantee

    3-year warranty

  • Thickness (mm)


  • Box options

    View through case bag

  • Length (mm)


  • Width (mm)


  • Box material

    316L stainless steel box

  • Between corners (mm)


  • Box shape


  • ice

    Indelible sapphire ice

  • COSC certified stopwatch

    Yes, sir.

  • energy


  • Clock stone


  • Model

    Power 80.811

  • motion

    Swiss made automatic mobile

  • calipers

    11 1/2'''

  • function


  • Diameter (mm)


  • Market reserve

    80 hour operation standby

  • function

    Patented regulator assembly, patented silicon balance spring

  • Dial Color


  • Indexes

    Arabic numerals and index

  • Bracelet color

    Golden 1n14, gray

  • Bracelet material

    316L stainless steel

  • Loop, loop

    Button Butterfly buckle

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